FROGSkin™ is an industrial strength plural component spray system for applying polyurea and polyurethane coatings.

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Thanks to unique mixing, pumping and dispensing technologies, FROGSkin™ is the perfect solution for applying extremely smooth and durable finishes to your architectural, sculptural or themed pieces. Together with Streamline’s FROGCoat™ line of coatings, FROGSkin™ is the ultimate coating solution for foam carving applications.

Unlike many spraying machines that have been developed for industrial applications, FROGSkin™’s features make it ideal for foam carving applications that require accuracy and control. Thanks to advanced mixing technology that does not require high pressures, FROGSkin™ allows you to apply coatings smoothly with significantly reduced overspray. This not only translates into better looking end products, but also serious improvements to productivity.

Key Features

  • Advanced mixing technology - FROGSkin™’s advanced double-staged mixing system does not require high air pressure to operate. As a result, FROGSkin™ offers smoother spraying, reduced overspray and does not require a large air compressor.

  • Industrial strength components – FROGSkin™’s quality construction protects against blockage and breakage and has been built with an industrial environment in mind.

  • Hydraulic power – FROGSkin™ is a hydraulic solution that is more powerful than electric systems, offering smoother, more consistent spraying.  With smaller electrical requirements, FROGSkin™ also reduces energy consumption compared to electric systems.

  • Volumetric pumps - FROGSkin™ uses advanced volumetric pumps with an oversized mechanical system and direct monitoring.

  • Unique dosing pumps –FROGSkin™’s unique dosing pumps create enough suction to eliminate the need for barrel pumps, saving you the associated costs.

  • Easy spray gun maintenance – FROGSkin™’s spray gun is simple to maintain, with a self-cleaning mixing head and quick replacement nozzle. Reduce the time associated with maintenance and service.

  • Powered heating – FROGSkin™ uses inline heat exchangers to heat components, with temperature controls for each component located on the centralized control panel.  Heated hoses with lengths of over 100m are available.

  • Detailed spraying – FROGSkin™ can be adjusted quickly for spraying intricate projects, allowing small sculptural details to be preserved.

  • Complete package – The FROGSkin™ package includes everything you need to get spraying immediately.

  • Comprehensive training and technical support – Streamline backs up each of our products with second-to-none training programs and technical support to get you up and running quickly – and to keep you running for years to come.


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