FROGSkin™ is an industrial strength plural component electric spray system for applying polyurea and other coatings that require high preassures.

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Thanks to unique mixing, pumping and dispensing technologies, FROGSkin™ is the perfect solution for applying durable smooth or textured finishes to your architectural, sculptural or themed pieces, negative cavity molds, etc. Together with Streamline’s FROGCoat™ line of coatings, FROGSkin™ is the ultimate coating solution for a wide range of applicarions.

Key Features

•  Industrial strength components – FROGSkin™’s quality construction protects against blockage and breakage and has been built with an industrial environment in mind.

•  Transfer pumps – FROGSkin™ uses advanced transfer pumps that ensure outstanding performance in any environment.

•  Easy spray gun maintenance – FROGSkin™’s spray gun is simple to maintain. An air-purge mixing head reduces the time associated with maintenance and service.

•  Powered heating  FROGSkin™ uses powerful hybrid heater that provides up to 15,300 watts of heat to pre-heat material quickly.

•  Digital heat and preassure controls

•  Pressure imbalance detection  FROGSkin™ ensures your ptoject’s sucessful completion by preventing single component spraying.

•  Complete package  The FROGSkin™ package includes everything you need to get spraying immediately.

•  Comprehensive training and technical support  FROG3D®  products  are  backed  with  second-to-none  training programs  and  technical  support  to  get  you  up  and  running  quickly.

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