FROGScan™ is a complete 3D laser scanning system for creating perfect 3D digital copies of virtually any physical object.

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FROGScan™ lets you translate any object into a detailed 3D file which can then be perfectly replicated or enlarged to absolutely any size in foam. With top-of-the-line scanning resolution and powerful integrated software, FROGScan™ does all of this with an automated process that minimizes post-scanning work and lets you ramp up productivity.

With the ability to digitally capture anything that can be scanned, FROGScan™ brings new levels of efficiency and accuracy to the production process. Instead of relying on tedious manual processes to recreate pieces that demand accuracy, simply send the scanned file to FROGMill™ for perfectly accurate foam reproduction or enlargement. Grow your production capabilities, boost efficiencies and expand your product lines.

Key Features

  • Industry leading resolution –FROGScan™’s unparalleled scanning resolution offers high accuracy scans, letting you create more intricate and detailed end products.
  • Industrial grade construction – Unlike many scanning systems on the market, FROGScan™ has been built to withstand prolonged use in an industrial environment.
  • Integrated software – FROGScan™ includes powerful software to make the scanning process quick and efficient. Scan wizards, blocking functionality and powerful scan alignment and editing capabilities create unequalled efficiencies.
  • ‘Scan and go’ capabilities – FROGScan™’s innovative features let you create intricate 3D files without delays - just scan, resize and create your tool path.
  • Multiple scan types – FROGScan™ is capable of relief, rotational and index scanning, ensuring scanning and production are optimized for each scanned object.
  • Scanner computer – FROGScan™ includes a customized, high powered computer used for conducting scans, storing scan files and running the system’s editing software.
  • Integrated software – Integrated 3, 4 and 5 axis toolpathing software eliminates the need for third party add-ons.
  • Large object scanning capabilities – FROGScan™ can be directly mounted on to the FROGMill™ to create powerful integration, and to create large object scanning capabilities.
  • Blocking functionality – FROGScan™ offers an integrated blocking function for effortless production of large projects.
  • End-to-end automation – FROGScan™ has been designed to work seamlessly with all other FROG3D® components, eliminating the hassles that come with non-integrated components.
  • Comprehensive training and technical support – Streamline backs up each of our products with second-to-none training programs and technical support to get you up and running quickly.


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