FROGScan™ Flash is an advanced portable 3D scanning system for capturing accurate digital scans of any kind of physical object.

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Instead of using manual processes to create digital models, FROGScan™ Flash gives you the ability to translate any object into a detailed 3D file that can then be perfectly replicated or enlarged. Using advanced white light technology, FROGScan™ Flash is able to capture a digital 3D scan in seconds and in color. It is offered as a standalone, portable solution that can be easily transported and set-up when and where required. Once complete, the scanned file can be edited and prepared for production using FROGWare™ software, and then passed to FROGMill™ for accurate replication or enlargement. Let FROGScan™ Flash expand your capabilities and grow your product line. 

Key Features

  • Fast Scan Speed – FROGScan™ Flash uses white light technology that captures objects in matter of seconds.
  • Portability – FROGScan™ Flash handheld 3D scanner is a standalone system that can easily be transported to wherever it’s needed.
  • Quality and Accuracy –FROGScan™ Flash can generate scans with up to 100 micron accuracy and it is built to withstand heavy use in an industrial environment.
  • Scan in Color – FROGScan™ Flash allows for seamless capture of high-quality geometry and colors simultaneously.
  • Integrated Software – In addition to its powerful 3D data acquisition capabilities, FROGScan™ Flash includes 3D scanning software offering post-processing capabilities like scan alignment and merging.
  • Dynamic Referencing – FROGScan™ Flash automatically aligns and realigns 3D scan data using self-positioning technology. Pause and resume scans with no issues while FROGScan™ Flash automatically finds its last scanned area.
  • Point and Shoot – Learn to use FROGScan™ Flash in under 2 minutes with its point and shoot technology.
  • End-to-End Automation – FROGScan™ Flash has been designed to work seamlessly with other FROG3D® components, eliminating the hassles that come with non-integrated components.
  • Comprehensive Training and Technical Support – Streamline backs up each of our products with second-to-none training programs and technical support to get you up and running quickly.



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