Streamline Automation introduces the innovative FROG360™, an automated foam carving solution that gives businesses everything they need to implement full foam carving and cutting capabilities with one integrated system.

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With portable 3D scanning, CNC hot wire cutting, CNC foam milling and advanced design capabilities built into the system, FROG360™ is an all-in-one foam carving solution that maximizes space, efficiency and cost effectiveness. It represents a significant advance in the CNC foam carving and cutting market and creates unlimited opportunities for businesses looking to implement world-class foam carving capabilities.


Key Features

Let the FROG360™ give you…

  • Enhanced Product Quality – The FROG360™ is the newest member of the FROG3D® family and is backed by 17 years of industry leading innovation that Streamline Automation brings to the table. Projects are completed faster and more accurately than ever before.
  • Advanced Production Capabilities - The FROG360™ is your one stop shop for all production needs. Scan, cut and mill your project with an integrated system to save you time and money.
  • Superior Scanning Technology- FROG360™’s portable 3D scanner provides greater flexibility than even before. Whether it’s in the shop or on site, you can capture high resolution full color scans of any scale imaginable in mere seconds.
  • Improved Production Efficiencies – With the FROG360™ you get a straightforward control system. You’ll have full control over each production process, letting you optimize your 3D scanning, your hot wire foam cutter, and your 4 axis CNC router, ensuring you get it right the first time.
  • Faster Project Completion – The FROG360™ not only provides you with total control of your projects, it’s automated system completes projects faster than any other process out there. Portable 3D scanning allows you to scan and mill/cut at the same time, boosting throughput and further increasing production speeds.


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