Prop Replication for Special Events

April 25th, 2018


One of the common requirements for special event décor is multiple matching items. Whether it is 200 identical centrepieces, 20 perfect pillars or 2 exact towers, most events are built around repeating props and objects.

Common Problems with Mass Replication

While mass replication is a common requirement for special event providers, fabrication has traditionally come with several challenges. First and foremost it is time consuming. Producing a large number of 3D items to look exactly the same is both tedious and difficult. Manual processes often require elaborate measurement grids and extensive finishing work in order to achieve even basic consistency across the board. This leads to a second challenge- mitigating fabrication error. The difficulty of producing the same 3D item in bulk means that a high percentage of production errors occur. Such errors either need to be corrected or require the entire piece be re-done. Thus, the third major challenge for special event producers is the cost associated with mass replication. If you are not dealing with the cost of material waste due to error you are dealing with the high costs associated with labor. For these reasons, 3D mass replication is generally considered both expensive and bothersome.

How FROG3D® Can Help

The FROG3D® 3D CNC foam carving system offers a production solution that addresses the common problems of mass replication and provides the means for special event companies to ramp up their fabrication and marketing of these products. Harnessing the power of automation, our 3D foam carving system dramatically reduces the labor requirements and with that the opportunity for human error. Because a 3D foam router is working off of a detailed computer file and is not dependent on any sort of manual measurement guide, each piece produced will be an exact copy of the 3D object contained within the digital file. No matter if makes 100 or 1000 copies of the object, the router will carve an identical object every time because the source file is the same. And, because the router functions automatically, this entire process occurs without human labor. Therefore, what was once a high labor, high cost, high bother production process becomes instead a fast, straightforward, and relatively inexpensive aspect of special event production.

Start Seeing Double

Therefore, incorporating FROG3D® 3D CNC foam carving equipment  is an intelligent choice for special event companies looking to increase their profits on mass replication projects. Not only does the technology provide the means to produce multiple identical 3D objects at low cost and high quality, it also provides the opportunity to tackle larger, more complex and more elaborate replication projects- projects that bolster both the reputation and the bottom line of your company.

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