Three Reasons to Consider 3D Foam Carving for Set Design

March 1st, 2018

When it comes to set design, a 3D CNC foam carving system such as the FROG3D® System can dramatically streamline the planning process. Harnessing the precision, speed, and flexibility of 3D CNC technology, these systems bring set design to the next level. Here’s why:

1) Eliminate the need for large-scale mock-ups

Unlike many of the traditional design methods, when you have a 3D foam carving system you know that you have the ability to replicate and scale any object. This means that an object either can be perfected as a small model and then 3D scanned or that an existing object can be scanned directly and in both cases that the digital copy can be enlarged (or shrunk) to whatever the required dimensions are for final production.  With the addition of portable 3D scanners, even objects that have generally been considered too large or difficult to scan can now be captured as 3D digital versions destined for the stage or set. This significantly reduces the need to construct large-scale mock-ups and full sized set objects- a costly and time-consuming endeavor- during the planning process.

2) Promote clear communication across the design team

Having an adaptive 3D model during the planning process also provides a gathering point for the all those involved in the set design. Any changes needed or potential issues can be clearly identified during this early phase and the model quickly altered in accordance.  This applies to both a physical model that is going to be scanned as well as a 3D digital version. In the case of a digital model, the object can be scaled, altered or even combined with other scanned objects before it is sent on for production. Ensuring that all team members have the opportunity to both see and comment on a set element before it is committed to production allows for better communication and a better overall set.

3) Channel resources effectively

Essentially, 3D foam carving technology allows you to plan out an entire set digitally without significant material commitment. Once it is planned, 3D CNC foam carving technology will also allow you to produce that set quickly and to the exact specifications developed during the planning phase. Therefore, the speed and precision that comes with an automated 3D foam carving system helps to ensure that resources (be they labor, money or materials) are used in the most effective manner possible.

Building Creativity with the FROG3D® System 

Work in set design and fabrication? Here's the take home message:

  • The FROG3D® System allows for the full visualization of set components before they are built, preventing flaws before they occur and facilitating productive communication by the design team.
  • The FROG3D® System channels artistic skills more effectively by concentrating talent on creative and finishing work while automating the tedious fabrication process. 
  • The FROG3D® System saves time and money by promoting a streamlined planning process and significantly reducing costly large-scale modeling and design errors.

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