Concrete Barriers as Functional Art

November 9th, 2017

Increasingly, concrete barriers situated in public spaces are transitioning from being merely functional to being a contributing element to the general aesthetic of a space. In other words, they are becoming functional art. 

That the rise of artistic concrete barriers corresponds to developments in concrete mold making technology is no coincidence. When it comes to making complex and/or custom molds quickly and easily there is nothing that compares to a 4 axis CNC router like FROGMill™ or FROG360™. When used in conjunction with a 3D scanner and powerful 3D modeling software, any object- real or imaginary- can become the source for a mold. This flexibility during the design and fabrication process is bolstered by the convenience of having digital versions of a mold. Not only does this allow for the exact recreation of any mold (should you need to produce additional casts or require multiple molds to hasten the production process) but it also means that replication and replacement of cast objects become as simple as uploading the desired mold file to the 3D CNC router and having a coffee while it carves out the exact mold desired.

Thus, CNC concrete mold making technology both bolsters creative potential and reduces labor requires for the fabrication of cast concrete barriers.

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