5 Reasons Why FROG3D® Wins at Halloween

October 15th, 2018

Halloween is almost here and fabricators of the weird, gruesome, and spectacular are already starting to ramp up planning and production for one of the most lucrative seasons of the year.

We here at FROG3D® are no stranger to the unique demands of the theming industry, wherein creativity and cost are a constant balancing act, and nothing makes us prouder than when clients start sending us photos of the crazy,  incredible projects they are crushing on the FROG3D® system.

Like this:

For companies that work heavily, or even exclusively, in the Halloween theming industry, FROG3D® has proven highly effective as a complete fabrication system that merges cost saving 3D CNC production with unlimited creative potential. If you can dream it FROG3D® can make it.


Intrigued? Here are 5 more good reasons to look into what FROG3D® could do for your business:


1. Mass Replication










FROG3D® makes it easy to fill orders that require multiple exact replicas. While mass replication is a common need for theming companies, fabrication of replicas has traditionally come with several challenges:  it is time consuming; it is prone to human error; and it is expensive.  As an automated fabrication solution, FROG3D® provides the means to produce multiple identical 3D objects at low cost and high quality.


2. Perfect Realism


Sophisticated 3D scanning and high resolution milling allow for the automated production of realistic props right down to surface texture. With no limits in regards to size and scale of what FROG3D® can make, you can fabricate scenes and props that are uncannily true to life (or death) in a fraction of the time of traditional manual methods.


3. Better Communications


Powerful software for digital modeling and planning means better communications across your team and with your clients. Design, adjust, and confirm a project before you even turn on the FROGMill™. Avoid the need for costly rework, large-scale mock ups, or significant material commitment prior to production.


4. Faster Production


FROG3D® replaces tedious manual production processes with an automated solution that ramps your production up to warp speed. Increase throughput, accelerate turn around, and harness the power of automation to dramatically reduce production timelines while increasing production volume.


5. Bigger Profits


What happens when you cut out the costly, time consuming stages of manual production and move to the cutting edge of industry technology? Fabrication costs drop exponentially, fabrication volumes rise significantly, and creative potential explodes. Bigger contracts. Bigger margins. Bigger Profits.


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