Autographs and Accountability

January 26th, 2017

The other day the president of FROG3D, Dwayne Lehman, was spotted signing his name on a client’s FROGWire before it left our shop. And, if you’ve ever wondered just how involved the FROG3D president is in the daily workings of his company, this sums it up pretty well:











Here at FROG3D we talk a lot about the personal touch. We talk about our focus on your specific challenges. We talk about the value of our knowledge and training to maximize your business growth. And we talk a lot about the quality of the FROG3D system and the team behind it. These things matter, and they matter to Dwayne, whose office remains less than 20 feet away from the shop.

We are proud that should any client want our president to literally put his name on the line he can do so with complete confidence in the services he and his team are delivering.

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