Streamline Automation Introduces FROG360

An All-In-One 3D Laser Scanning, CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutting and 3D CNC Foam Carving Solution

September 15th, 2014

The FROG360™ is an automated foam carving solution that gives businesses everything they need to implement full foam carving and cutting capabilities with one integrated solution. With 3D laser scanning, CNC hot wire cutting, CNC foam milling and advanced design capabilities built into the system, FROG360™ is an all-in-one foam carving solution that maximizes space, efficiency and cost effectiveness. It represents a significant advance in the CNC foam carving and cutting market and presents an opportunity forbusinesses looking to implement world-class foam carving capabilities.

Streamline Automation, the world’s premier supplier of automated 3D foam carving solutions, today announced the launch of FROG360™. FROG360™ offers a range of capabilities, including 3D laser scanning, 3D digital design, CNC hot wire foam cutting and 3D CNC foam routing, all in one integrated machine. In doing so, FROG360™ lets creative businesses bring fully automated 3D foam carving capabilities in-house with a revolutionary solution that maximizes space, efficiency and cost effectiveness. FROG360™ represents a watershed in the CNC foam carving market as it combines the quality and capabilities required for real production environments in a solution that is attainable for most businesses.

Streamline Automation has built its reputation on its flagship FROG3D® system, which has become the industry standard for automated foam carving. Outside of the FROG3D® system, the current market presents limitedoptions for businesses looking for advanced foam carving production capabilities. As Streamline Automation President Dwayne Lehman explains, “There is cheap equipment not suited for real production environmentsand there is equipment that has been developed for applications other than foam carving, but then sold as foam carving equipment by suppliers that generalize in hundreds of applications. Where neither of these choices has proven capable, FROG3D® has shown that it’s the right tool for the job, which is why businesses from around the world come to us.”

Nevertheless, recognizing that some businesses simply can’t make the leap to the FROG3D® system due to footprint, production and budget constraints Streamline Automation has met the need head on with FROG360™. As Lehman explains, “FROG360™ shares similar capabilities and quality as the FROG3D® system, but it has been specifically developed for businesses with production levels, footprints and budgets that don’t justify a full FROG3D® system. It offers full foam carving capabilities in one integrated, cost effective, industrial strength solution.”

FROG360™’s integrated capabilities include:

3D Laser Scanning - FROG360™ includes high resolution 3D scanning capabilities that allow you to scan existing objects and translate them into a digital file. Combined with FROGWare™ software, FROG360™ lets you create full 3D digital scans that serve as the foundation for production.

3D Design and Editing - FROG360™ includes all of the software you need to design, edit and toolpath your projects. Whether you import a scan file or digitally design your project, the FROG360™ software package includes what you need to translate your ideas into digital format and prepare them for production.

CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutting - FROG360™ incorporates advanced hot wire foam cutting capabilities that let you both prepare foam for more detailed milling and cut basic, linear shapes like lettering and architectural moldings. Using heated wire, hot wire foam cutting is an established means of creating clean straight cuts in a variety of foam products.

3D CNC Foam Carving - The workhorse of the system, FROG360™ includes full 4-axis CNC routing capabilities. Designed specifically for 3D foam carving - but perfectly capable of working in a wide variety of materials - FROG360™ is capable of 2D, 2.5D, relief and full 3D machining using both rotational and index strategies.

By introducing advanced technologies and materials to traditional sculpting, FROG360™ revolutionizes how sculptural projects are created. It brings art and technology together – replacing the limitations of conventional processes with fast, efficient, accurate, automated production. It lets you sculpt whatever you can imagine, in any size imaginable, including themed environments, exhibits, sculpture enlargements, fine art, dimensional signage, architectural foam and molds.

FROG360™ not only gives you advanced production capabilities, but it also includes installation, in-depth training and the ongoing support of a company that’s singularly focused on 3D foam carving. Streamline is focused on helping your business succeed and can put the knowledge and experience of an industry leader in your corner.


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