Renewed Christmas Magic

Thanks to Chisel3D

December 10th, 2013


There is a giant reindeer perched on the shopping center roof, a phone clutched in his hoof, his red nose glowing in the sky. Beneath him, lines of people wait their turn to step into a shiny red telephone booth marked "North Pole" and list their wishes.


From the late 1950s to the late '70s, the Christmas season began in this Eastern Shore town when Rudolph appeared on the roof of the shopping center. For three decades, the reindeer remained in the town's collective memory, his name evoking a time when holiday celebrations were simpler and more magical. The town celebrated the arrival of Rudolph each year with fireworks, choirs and celebrity appearances.  While no one is certain what happened to the original Rudolph (some speculate that he retired to the North Pole) It has been rumored that the original reindeer perished in a fire in the late '70s. Since then, Christmas hasn't been the same in Easton.

The president and chief executive of Easton Utilities, was considering how to mark his company's centennial in 2014, he decided it was time to bring Rudolph back. The workers used old photos to determine Rudolph's size, about 14 feet tall, and designed schematics that they sent off to our very own Chisel 3D. They used their 3d capabilities to re-create Rudolph from scratch.

They searched Craigslist for an old phone booth. Warehouse and plant workers refurbished the booth, outfitting it with a vintage rotary dial phone. Electricians outfitted it with new lights. And the folks in the auto shop painted the phone booth a shimmery red.

Friday evening, the power company workers celebrated Rudolph's return with cupcakes and cocoa, speeches and sparkling costumes. Workers dressed as snowmen, elves and Christmas trees filtered through the crowd. Despite a light rain, about 400 people crowded into the shopping center parking lot as the crowd counted down to the lighting of the reindeer.

It was a new experience for the children — most of whom had never seen a phone booth before — and for many of their parents. But for the grandparents who crowded the sleepy Talbottown Shopping Center on this past Friday evening, it was a re-creation of some of their most cherished childhood memories.

Thank you Chisel 3D, for bringing Christmas magic back to the little town of Easton.

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