A Seahorse Dream

Icon Poly is at it again!

August 20th, 2013

Icon Poly is no stranger to Mold Making or doing work for charity organizations. We are so proud to have this company as our friends. The work they do have inspired others as well as helped out different charities along the way.

This time they have taken their work to Fort Myer in Florida. This project started out with a little drawing of a seahorse and has turned into something truly amazing




The second step in this process were the little machettes that werw painted by the children and people involved with the Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida.










While all this was happening, a heard of giant seahorses were making their way to Florida.






Where artists from the surrounding area came to pick their 5 foot tall seahorses. These seahorses will be finished by the artists in the way they choose but some will be large scale recreations of the machettes painted by the children.


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