Attention All FROG3D Customers!

July 30th, 2013

It's Time For You To Shine!  We here at Streamline Automation have decided that more exposure for our customers is a great way to let people know exactly what the FROG3D® system can do.

We are asking you to send us video of our equipment helping you do a project along with pictures that document the process.

Don't worry about creating the final video because we have that covered! We will take the footage and pictures you send us and make a stellar video that promotes your company and ours!

It's a Contest!We are going to be awarding the top 3 videos we receive with Streamline Credit! That's right folks...

1st place - $3,000
2nd place - $2,000
3rd place - $1,000

That could buy a TON of FROGTools™!

The deadline for the contest video footage is October 1st, 2013 but don't wait! The quicker you get us footage, the quicker we can get your videos made!

Email all things "froggy" to

Note:     By submitting any materials associated with this promotion, you are affirmatively consenting to Streamline Automation rebroadcasting, reproducing or otherwise reusing any pictures, videos, accounts, or information received without the express consent of the provider. Any such information transferred can and will be used at the full discretion of Streamline Automation

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