BigFoot Paintball goes to the Extreme!

July 23rd, 2013

You have themed environments and then you have EXTREME themed environments. Our friends at Bigfoot Paintball in Montreal have taken extreme themed environments to a whole new level! If you have ever played paintball, you would know that the adrenaline pumping through your veins while you are playing is elevated even more if you are playing in a field set up for combat.





When you go to Bigfoot Paintball, you don’t just get a field to play in… You get entire worlds to play in. 35 different worlds to be exact. Each world has been meticulously planned out with every detail as it would be if that world actually existed. They got their FROG3D® system to ensure the most realistic themed environments in the realm of paintball to date.


Before your paintball adventure begins, you are given the backstory to your mission…





The Temple of Doom: “A group of American researchers discovered the prints leading to a statue of the mythical Inca power. They will align several statues to the altar where the sacred statue rests to take possession. Unfortunately for them, they are not the only ones aware of this legend. Now the Russians and Americans are at war for the possession of three mining centers. Your objective is to take possession of the three central bunkers or at least 2 at the end of the war”

















New York 3000: “A bombardment of Russian missiles hit the city of New York virtually destroying the city. The Russians cut off all communication. Your mission is to destroy the Russian interference in the center of the city to reconnect with the HQ and then call an air strike to clear the area of any Russian occupation. While on your mission, the U.S. Army will receive an emergency call from New Jersey. Your additional mission will be to deliver two boxes of food to its destination. You will have to cross the city of New York in ruins full of hungry scavengers with the goal of taking the boxes of food from you. Beware; you have only 5 cases available.”

Coming Soon - Alien Complex: “A war between the Russians and Americans held for possession of alien research center. Their interest in this center depends solely on the (alien) fetus is positioned within the anatomy of the predator.” The fetus will “destroy everything in its path with its pheromones. Your mission is to carry the offspring into the enemy camp to cause the destruction of their camp.”

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