Frogs on the Rocks

July 16th, 2013

When it comes to doing work with charity organizations, Icon Poly seems to have something new every month. We love to see our customers using their skills to help others.

They do something very intersting. They take their mold and fill them with a hot polyurethane resin and then the mold is spined and cooled. Once the resin has cooled, it hardens and turns to an off white.








Thirty-six large white fiberglass resin frogs were made by our very own Icon Poly, which launched the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association’s (BIDA) Frogs on the Rock project.











Sponsors, artists and people of the community met in a central location to claim their frogs.





Each artist had about a month to decorate their frog as part of the project. Each completed amphibian made its public debut at the July Fourth Parade. After the parade, each frog went to their individually sponsored location for a year of frogs on display from corner to corner of the community. In September 2014, the frogs will be auctioned off to the highest bidders at a BIDA fundraiser.


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