God Of War

July 9th, 2013




The story of Kratos was brought to life for an E3 Video Game Convention by our very own Acme Design Inc.







He stands at over 8 feet tall with every detail meticulously placed. The crew at Acme Design Inc. worked tirelessly to make sure every element was perfect.







His belt and skirt were even hand made from fabric and leather!







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Who is Kratos you may ask? Here is the backstory on Kratos and where he comes from.

Kratos, God of War, was born and raised in Sparta. Tests were run on all the children, and those that were considered worthy were to stay in Sparta to be trained as Spartan protectors, while those deemed unfit would be sent to the mountains, sealing their fates. Kratos, along with his brother, Deimos, were among the chosen. They trained for the day they would one day join the army of Sparta. On a fateful day, while the young brothers were training outside their home, their city was raided by Olympian gods, Ares and Athena. The gods were in search of the “Marked Warrior” and after seeing Deimos’ birthmark, they took him away thinking he was the element to fulfill prophecy. Outraged and frantic, Kratos attacked Ares to save his brother, only for the god to drive Kratos back in to a pile of wood, leaving him with his iconic scar. He swore to never waver again and had a tattoo placed on his head in the exact image of his brother’s birthmark.




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