The Tables Have Been Turned

Streamline is Excited to Introduce the New FROGScan™ Scanner Table!

July 1st, 2013

We at Streamline are proud to unveil our new FROGScan™ Scanner Table!  Folks, this has not been a matter of slapping on some new paint or adding a cup-holder, we are talking about a fully re-engineered 3D scanner table that combines the best of our original FROGScan™ Scanner Table with an incredible range of new functionality. The open concept table bed means that objects bigger than the table can now be scanned. Vertical rotational scanning using the turntable allows for the use of delicate or soft objects as scan models. Stainless steel rails and linear bearings provide for high resolution scans at fast speeds. This is a powerhouse of a machine with cutting edge technology and we are very excited to welcome it into our FROG3D® family! For more details click here

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