Colossal Creature Invasion

Lake Mead Trail Park in Henderson, NV

June 25th, 2013

Quick Crete Productions Corporation is a master at their trade; especially when it comes to decorative concrete designs. We have seen them turn regular concrete walls and overpasses into amazing pieces of art that people want to slow down to see. But decorative concrete is not all they do.

Here is a recent project that shows the versatility of their company and also just what you can do with FROG3D®. 


They started this assignment with a simple model and scanned it in.





Once scanned, it was cut out using our FROGMill™ and later assembled.





After its assembly was complete, they had their artists work tirelessly to create the dimension and detail of every scaly inch on this colossal creature.


















After receiving his realistic paint job, he was ready for installation.

This enormous Gila monster has been installed at the Lake Mead Trail Park in Henderson, Nevada. Just how enormous is it? Well, this lizard is 20 feet long and weighs over 25,000 lbs.



Click here to learn more about Quick Crete Productions Corporation.

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