The Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio

Great Work WFX!

June 4th, 2013

There are projects... and then there are PROJECTS! This certain undertaking falls under the category of PROJECTS! Our friends at WaterFX took on this mammoth of a project with great zeal and the results are truly amazing! FROG3D® technology was used in so many ways it is mind blowing!



There is a pair of Dutch shoes that was scanned and enlarged to make giant planters filled with beautiful flowers that represent the Spring.




These "glass-like" flowers were made using a technique called thermoforming. A mold is cut using the FROGMill™ then a flat sheet of plastic is laid over the mold. The plastic is then warmed to a temperature that makes it flexible and all the air is vacuumed out. Once the plastic is cooled, it hardens and can be removed from the mold to get the finishing touches like assembly and paint. 




Themed Environments were also created with the FROGMill™ to recreate different seasons as well as cultures. The themes even change for each holiday.













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