Acme Design Inc.

Prototypes and Packages

May 28th, 2013

When most people think of FROG3D® technology, it is a good bet that their minds go straight to Themed Environments, 3D Signs and Billboards, Sculptural Enlargements or Concrete Mold Making. And yes, it is true; FROG3D® has been a benefit to all those industries for many years.

Well, our friends at Acme Design, Inc. have been very busy taking advantage of all the different and exciting technologies that are available today. They have already invaded the many different industries but are now taking their business to another level with Prototypes and Packages!



Prototypes:        Here is an example of a prototype they made for a client. Its stealthy body was created from a 3D image on the CNC machine...






... and the smaller pieces were created by using a 3D printer. Since this car is a prototype, it is the only one of its kind in the whole world!    



Packages: This is a great example of a package that was custom made for the prototype. The package was reverse engineered by using the positive 3D digital model of the car. “What does that mean…” you may ask. To put it simply, they turned the positive file into a negative and machined a shipping cradle that exactly matched the contours of the model. With this custom made package, it fits perfectly and cannot be jostled or rattled so the product arrives at its final destination unscathed.

Bravo! Acme Design, Inc. Bravo!


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