Let's give WaterFX a big hand

April 18th, 2013

WaterFX™ has been creating larger than life fire and water structures in the aquatic design and construction industry since 1997, but did you know they have invaded the large scale props industry as well? It’s true! Our friends at WFX can turn any design into reality.

A massive hand holding a light bulb that they constructed for a trade show event in the Las Vegas, NV area shows just that.


                                             All of the parts were cut using our FROGMill™



This picture is to show the actual size of the massive hand... (and to show how much the boys at WFX love their jobs)



After the hand was complete, light bulb and all, it was attached to a motorized lift that could raise the hand and its light bulb to an impressive height of 8’6”.







For more information on WFX check out their website:

If that's not enough, you can see more of WFX's work on their other website:

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