FROGScan Flash has Arrived

The Coolest New Thing in the Pond

January 18th, 2013

Well, it looks like the pond is getting a little bit bigger! We have officially launched FROGScan™ Flash, the newest member of the FROG3D® system. FROGScan™ Flash is a portable 3D scanner. That’s right folks, a 3D scanner that scans anything, anywhere!  This scanner uses white light technology for lightning fast scan speeds. It has a dynamic referencing system that automatically aligns scans as you take them. Scanning objects is ridiculously easy: pick up the scanner, point it at the object and pull the trigger. It is, quite frankly, just plain cool. FROGScan™ Flash opens up a whole new range of markets and possibilities. Objects which previously were too large to be scanned on the FROGScan™ Table or even the FROGMill™ are now up for grabs. Objects that couldn’t be moved from their location can now be scanned on-site.  The 3D digital file that is created integrates seamlessly within the FROG3D® system for hassle-free file manipulation in FROGWare™ and production on the FROGMill™.  We can hardly wait to see what sort of projects our clients tackle with the technology of FROGScan™ Flash in their corner! For more information on FROGScan™ Flash check it out on our website or contact us here at Streamline Automation.

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