Kalahari Comes to Calgary

Kalahari Resorts trains at Streamline

November 19th, 2012

We at Streamline have finally recoved after a fabulous training week with Josh and Drew from Kalahari Resorts. The boys got to spend a week in the Streamline shop and got to enjoy the full Calgary experience with beuatiful blue skies, fierce winds and a major blizzard all in the same week! It's true what they say about Calgary weather...if you don't like it just wait five minutes. We are looking forward to the seeing them again soon when our techs travel down to Wisconsin to install their new FROG3D system and finish their training.

With a lot of experiece in theming and prop production, the Kalahari team were great students and we can hardly wait to see what projects they are going to crank out with the help of FROG.

Here we have Drew and Josh with their finished products. Well done guys!


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