Lady Liberty Pays a Visit to Lady Luck

Another great project from WFX

September 26th, 2012

Check out one of the latest projects sent to us by Water FX- a stylized version of the hand of the Statue of Liberty created for one of their clients in Vegas. WFX tells us that they put this together in less than two weeks and that there is almost 1500 pounds of steel at the base acting as a counter-weight.

Due to the size of the project it was milled in peices.







We love these sort of pictures that show FROG chugging away!

Then came everybody's favorite moment of production- fitting the peices together while perched on the top of a tall ladder...

Of course, being the guy at the bottom isn't much better...


Is it?


The finished project:

We think that the crew at Water FX deserves a big hand for this one!

Get it? A Big Hand...

WFX has already sent us photos of another one of their projects and we can't wait to share them with you...but you are going to have to be patient. There's a good chance that their next project will be appearing on the FrogBlog right in time for Halloween...

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