Streamline Automation Introduces the FROG3D® CNC Foam Carving Starter Package


June 7th, 2010

Streamline Automation, the leaders in automated foam carving and CNC foam cutting equipment, today announced the launch of the FROG3D® Starter Package. By providing a scaled back version of the full FROG3D® system, but without compromising on quality, the Starter Package gives creative businesses the ability to get into automated foam carving on the ground floor. Combining 3D digital design and CNC foam carving capabilities, it provides these businesses with what they need to start producing spectacular products, but also to ease into full scale foam carving production processes when they are ready.

FROG3D® is the most comprehensive foam carving and cutting system on the market, giving its users the ability to create stunning artistic projects for a range of foam carving applications, including themed environments & exhibits, sculpture enlargements & fine art replication, signage, mold making and architectural foam. FROG3D® gives businesses end-to-end foam carving production processes, including advanced capabilities for 3D laser scanning, hot wire foam cutting, 3D CNC foam milling and hard coat spraying. For some businesses looking to get benefit from automated foam carving, the full FROG3D® system is sometimes not a possibility for budgetary, technical or business reasons. The FROG3D® Starter Package was created for these businesses, letting them benefit immediately from automated foam carving, but letting them grow into full scale production processes at their own pace.

The FROG3D® Starter Package includes powerful FROGWare™ software for digital design, editing and tool pathing – allowing clients to build their production processes around the power of digital sculpting. To perfectly recreate and enlarge designs to absolutely any size in foam, the Package also includes the FROGMill™ CNC foam router – the cornerstone of the FROG3D® system. To mill full 3D projects in one piece, the FROGMill™ 4th Axis is also included, along with a range of FROGTools™ - router bits developed specifically for accurate and intricate foam milling.

Most importantly perhaps, the Starter Package not only includes a comprehensive training and installation package, but customers also get the full support of the foremost experts in artistic 3D foam carving. With Streamline, clients get a business partner that can not only help to build out advanced production processes, but that can also help them grow their business.

The Starter Package gives clients the ability to digitally design a 3D project, and then create a perfect replicate or enlargement of the design in foam – creating a strong foundation for a range of artistic projects. When clients are ready to augment their capabilities beyond the Starter Package, Streamline can provide a smooth transition to a range of other FROG3D® components. Upgrades include 3D laser scanning, hard coating and hot wire foam cutting upgrades, along with software, tooling and training upgrades that provide everything needed for end-to-end automated foam carving processes.

“The Starter Package is not about providing a lesser version of the FROG3D® system,” explains Streamline’s President Dwayne Lehman. “It’s about giving businesses the ability to get a start in automated foam carving with some of the foundational FROG3D® elements, and then grow into the other capabilities to round out their production process when they are ready. It lets our customers ease into the full FROG3D® system, while still having the full support of our expertise.”

For more information about Streamline Automation and the FROG3D® foam cutting system, please see Solutions or call Streamline Automation toll-free at (877)358-0555.

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