Digital Printing Companies Go 3D with Automated CNC Foam Carving and Foam Cutting


October 29th, 2010

Digital printing companies looking to differentiate their product lines and move beyond a standard 2D offering now have a feasible option for introducing 3D production capabilities into their businesses. Streamline Automation’s FROG3D® system provides printing companies with a turnkey CNC foam carving system that provides start-to-finish 3D foam carving capabilities. In addition to the FROG3D® system, Streamline also provides the knowledge, experience and expertise in foam cutting and carving applications that printing companies need to be successful in the world of 3D.

With more competition, less differentiation and less profitability in 2D printing, many digital printing companies are looking for ways to differentiate their businesses and get ahead of the pack without having to sacrifice margin. Thanks to the FROG3D® CNC foam carving system created by Streamline Automation, printing companies can add advanced 3D production to their capabilities and create a product line that goes beyond the standard 2D fare.

Adding 3D production capabilities allows printing companies to integrate 3D elements into their existing product lines like signage and displays to give their clients new creative options. They can also offer brand new product lines like themed environments, props and sculptures to complement their existing portfolio, create new revenue streams and give them new ways of approaching their market.  With a differentiated product line, printing companies are finding that they can take price out of the equation, bringing higher margins back into play and creating higher profitability across their entire product line.

Combining technologies like 3D laser scanners, 3D CNC foam routers, CNC hot wire cutting machines and various finishing methods, FROG3D® allows for the creation of lightweight 3D objects in absolutely any size and to any level of detail. It gives companies start-to-finish production processes to let them enlarge or replicate any 3D object.  As it is built around automation and ease-of-use, many printing companies have the skill sets in-house to get up to speed without putting their entire business on hold.

As Dwayne Lehman, President of Streamline Automation explains, Streamline offers the ideal solution for printing companies looking at expanding into 3D production. “It’s critical for printing companies to find a supplier that not only offers an integrated foam carving system, but that also has expertise in the kinds of foam carving applications that are relevant to their business,” he explains. “Our FROG3D® system offers start-to-finish, automated 3D carving capabilities, but we can also provide the kind of hands-on expertise that will help a business succeed with 3D production right out of the gate. Unlike other CNC suppliers, we offer a comprehensive package, one-stop support and real world experience in helping printing companies grow their 3D business. Our clients get what they need to feel completely comfortable making the jump into 3D production.” Streamline Automation’s FROG3D® is available to printing companies around the world.

For further information about the FROG3D® CNC foam carving system click here or call Streamline Automation toll-free at (877) 358-0555.

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