Streamline Automation Announces Sale of Heavy Industries to Flynn Canada Ltd.


March 22nd, 2011

Today Streamline Automation officially announced the sale of Heavy Industries to Flynn Canada Ltd. For Streamline Automation this sale represents the culmination of over 8 years of involvement with Heavy Industries. Since Streamline founded Heavy in 2003, the company has grown from a test facility for Streamline’s FROG3D® automated foam carving technology to one of the world’s most respected theming and fabrication companies. The sale will allow Streamline Automation to focus more fully on developing its CNC foam carving technology and on continuing to help its clients build their businesses around the FROG3D® system.

Formed in 2003 by Streamline Automation owner and President Dwayne Lehman and partner Ryan Bessant, Heavy Industries was originally created as a test facility for Streamline’s FROG3D® automated CNC foam carving technology. The results quickly dictated that Heavy move beyond the testing stage. “When Heavy got started, the goal was really just to prove out the capabilities of the system for theming, sculptural and architectural applications”, explains Lehman. “We knew we were on to something fairly quickly, as the technology proved very capable, and Heavy quickly gained a strong reputation for the quality of its work. We had a sense it was the start of something big.” 

Thanks to continued application of the technology and the refinement of related production processes, Heavy experienced explosive growth. With an impressive list of clients from around the world, Heavy completed an eclectic mix of theming, sculptural and architectural projects – everything from complex concrete molds for massive bridge structures to an 85 foot Statue of Liberty replicate. 8 years later Heavy Industries is established as one of the world’s pre-eminent theming and fabrication companies. In the process, Streamline’s FROG3D® technology not only passed its initial test, but has proven its ability to power world-class businesses with automated foam carving.
Flynn Canada’s purchase of Heavy from Streamline Automation represents recognition of Heavy’s value and potential by a leader in the Canadian construction industry. With roots stretching back to 1978, Flynn has grown to become a significant player in the construction industry and Canada’s only trade contractor of complete building envelope solutions to commercial, industrial and institutional builders. With over 3,000 employees and 16 offices, Flynn serves a diverse portfolio of clients across Canada and has been named as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for several years in a row. Heavy Industries adds a new dimension to Flynn’s offering with its unique theming and fabrication capabilities.

This sale also represents concrete proof of the power of Streamline Automation and FROG3D® to develop and drive the success of theming, fabrication, sculptural and architectural companies. While Lehman believes that the FROG3D® system is an important part of this ability, he explains that it’s more about Streamline’s ability to apply its knowledge, expertise and experience. “Our success in helping our clients build their businesses around foam carving comes from the fact that we’re more than an equipment supplier”, says Lehman. “We’re able to help our clients with pretty much any aspect of their business because we’ve done it all before. The knowledge we gained from starting Heavy Industries is an important part of this experience, and we’ve been able to translate it into helping other businesses from around the world find similar success.”

With the sale of Heavy Industries, Lehman explains that Streamline Automation now has the opportunity to delve more fully into its technology development strengths. “With FROG3D®, we’ve pioneered automated foam cutting and carving technology and built it to the point where it’s powering a range of successful sculptural and artistic businesses. While we have been constantly developing our technology, the sale of Heavy allows us to devote more attention to taking the system to the next level, and this is what we intend to do. By getting back to our roots, we can ensure that our technology continues to outclass anything else available in the market.” While developing the system’s capabilities will be a priority, Lehman explains that it is business as usual when it comes to Streamline’s clients. “Ultimately, Streamline is all about partnering with our clients and helping them find the success they’re looking for. We’re looking forward to building even more success stories like Heavy’s in the future.”

For further information about the FROG3D® CNC foam carving system, visit or call Streamline Automation toll-free at (877) 358-0555.

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