GuitarMania at Icon Poly

April 3rd, 2012

Our friends over at Icon Poly Design Studio recently wrapped up a kick butt project for a project called GuitarMania that's turning heads in Cleveland. GuitarMania is a community public art project in Greater Cleveland that raises millions of dollars for the United Way and for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum's education programs. It features dozens of 10 foot tall replicas of Fender Stratocaster guitars transformed into works of art by local artists and national celebrities. The guitars are then displayed throughout Cleveland for all to enjoy.

Icon Poly have become masters of creating these kinds of public art projects with their FROG3D® system and a proprietary short production run process. They were nice enough to share some pictures of the process with us, and we're nice enough to share them with you. The pictures below show the basic process, including the original guitar, components being 3D scanned with FROGScan™, the guitar being milled on the FROGMill™ and the final versions ready for painting.

To see the creations that the guitars are turned into, check out the GuitarMania website.

Rock on Icon Poly.


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