Not Your Average Equipment Company

You would think that any description of who Streamline Automation is would begin and end with our line of equipment. After all, we pioneered the automated foam carving market with our FROG3D® family of products, which is helping businesses from around the world create spectacular products.

But let’s set the record straight. While our equipment can’t be touched by the competition, we are not your typical equipment company. Rather than measuring our success by how many machines we move, we measure it by how successful our clients are. We work with our clients to take their production processes, products and businesses to new levels.

Our singular focus is on the automation of 3D foam carving. This is what we live and breathe – and it shows.  With our full attention focused on 3D foam carving, we’re able to offer solutions that go far beyond anything else available on the market. As a one-stop-shop for the tools, processes and knowledge you need to succeed, we can create powerful competitive advantages for our clients.

Been There, Done That

With this foundation, the Streamline team has not only helped companies from around the world build their businesses around the FROG3D® system, but we’ve also built our own successful theming business from the ground up. With this firsthand knowledge, we know how to implement solutions and processes that can drive your business forward – something the other guys simply can’t do.

For businesses looking to improve their products and their business with an automated 3D foam carving solution, Streamline is the only choice.

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